A Prayer Manual For Life
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This is a heart to show all tpyes of love.  The flesh colored ribbon and flames represent passion and romantic love.  The circle within the heart shows many colors that have meaning.  Green is for safety and emotional health.  Yellow is for happiness, blue is for peace and softness, white is in the center for purity and unconditional love.  This is for all types of love besides romantic...  such as love for a child, family member, friend or pet.  The swirled circle also shows how real and true love is continuous and never-ending.
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There are layers sourounding this painting showing great wealth and success.  Houwever, through the layers you can see the things that give us true happiness.  There is a sunflower to represent happiness and laughter, a piller for a stable home and a woman in a window surrounded by many colors and beauty representing a happy home and family life filled with love.

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For a balanced mind and spirt... hope, faith and love must be present.  Thes three words are written on the heart with flames representing a healthy and energetic soul.

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This painting represents good health and vitality.  There are plants, fruits with vines that almost have blood flow representing life.  There is a briliance surrounding it all for a healthy physical and emotional glow that we all need to thrive and live to our potential.  It is also for healing and restoration.

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